Boosting Seafood Processing Industry with ERP

Boosting Seafood Processing Industry with ERP
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Operating a full-grown business is not a piece of cake. The same applies to seafood processing industries. It needs lots of effort, time and strategies to unfold the apprehensions and have a smooth-running business.

Challenges Faced By Seafood Industry

The seafood or fish industry is one of the most challenging industries right from the beginning till the sales. The high demand for seafood worldwide has further put the pressure of the competition on the industrialists. Dealing with fresh or frozen, wild or farm-raised sea creatures is a cumbersome task. The pricing, storage conditions, waste administration, sales and order management, shipping and production regulations are just a few of them.

One Solution for All Operations

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is fully integrated software that has proven beneficial for countless industries and businesses. From catching fish to selling it, the whole cumbersome process has been made easier and hassle-free by ERP. It provides stable coordination of different stages from catching, storage, processing, and quality check to sales and marketing.

We assist you to boost your business revenue by effectively working with ERP software.

Features of Bonza Pro Technologies Odoo System

Product Order Administration

It is important to strategies product order management to coordinate the working pattern with labour and time administration. The Bonza Pro Technologies Odoo system does that with much effort. It helps to manage the product orders with a strategic approach.

Work hour Management

The right implementation of Odoo ERP lets the industrialists strategically use their time. The calculation of time required to complete the task and examining potential employees leads to proper management of timesheets. Planning the production based on order requirements further benefits time management. With the ERP Odoo platform, all these tasks have become easier than they are.

Quality Check

Odoo offers a quality control mechanism to guarantee benefits for the fishing industry. Quality products of any business and company lead them to greater heights. The auto-generation of warnings about the quality of the product at every step leaves no room for errors or defaults.

Depository Administration

Managing the fish and seafood stocks in the warehouse is all done effortlessly by Odoo software. With it, various depositories can be handled at once. It regularly keeps updating about the stocks present in the storage, which leads to better production management. The integration of all the features with the inventory make better use of time.

Demand Forecasting Feature

Odoo’s demand forecasting features show results based on the past sale history. The forecast of products boosted by the global demand is also initiated through this effective feature.

Traceable Processes

The Odoo ERP software lets the companies track their whole process from acquiring fish to its delivery. It helps the industry by assuring better customer service and production management. It comprises package management, bar-coding, shipping and sale management.

Odoo ERP for Fishing Industry keeps track of the employees in charge of the operation at every stage.

Waste Management

Odoo ERP Software manages and tracks waste generation at every step of production. The wastage synchronization with internal or external units helps in waste disposal and regulation. All the legalities can be easily meet on the e-platform with Odoo.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The BOM facility allows susceptible procurement and sale management. The Odoo e-platform assures the better use of products for manufacturing seafood. The BOM ensures excellent productivity.

Multiple operations with few clicks

It provides complete integration of different stages in one chain. It allows the distribution of work to various work centres, interpretation of the crew to complete the demand timely, and order management becomes easier and simpler.

Sales and Supply Management

The sale and supply management is done effortlessly with CRM support together with Odoo ERP Software. It adds the details and tracking of shipments of each network with ease. The payment modes and their tracking further benefit the sales and supply.