Detailed Analytic Comparison between Odoo and Oracle

Detailed Analytic Comparison between Odoo and Oracle
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is software that helps establishments or companies to regulate their day-to-day activities such as financing, licensing, project management, production and supply chain operations. When you choose a complete ERP suite, you also enjoy the benefits of enterprise performance management. The software helps in planning the budget as per the financial report of the corporation.

ERP systems integrate different aspects or areas of business processes and allow a steady flow of data between them. The complete shared and automated operation ensures stability and zero mistakes in any functional operation.

In today’s world, ERP systems have become a vital component to manage different thousands of complicated facets of businesses. ERP has become essential for companies, just like the electricity for keeping our lights and machines working. Odoo and Oracle are two upgraded and excellent ERP software that companies are getting attracted to.


It is an open-source ERP with numerous modules for varied sectors. It has more than 15000 domains for trading, manufacturing, e-commerce, accounts, finance and many more business and industrial segments. All the modules provided by Odoo are ready to use. Odoo is fully integrated software that has proven beneficial for countless industries and businesses.


Oracle is a technology enterprise and computer software product. It has four main business segments; cloud, license, hardware, and services. Using these segments, Oracle provides its cloud-engineering services and database management modules. It provides solutions for almost all industries and companies of varied sizes. Businesses that implement Oracle ERP have a better record of accurate analytics and increased management of business growth. Above all, it improves customer satisfaction and reduces the costs spent on labour and other aspects.  Oracle enterprise software modules provide the business with efficient and profitable solutions.

Odoo Vs Oracle

Through the surveys and reviews received, we have drafted a comparison between Odoo and Oracle. Let’s take a look.

Meets Requirement: Based on 14 reviews, Odoo receives 8.1 stars, and Oracle receives 7.7 stars on 45 reviews. So, both are equally good at meeting the requirements of their customers.

Ease of Use: The reviews have shown that Odoo is much easier to operate than Oracle.

Ease of Setup: Based on 12 reviews for Odoo and 22 for Oracle, we can conclude that their implementation is quite tricky. But on the comparison, Odoo is much easier to set up. 

Quality support: Odoo and Oracle both support quality and ensure the business’s smooth and best performance.

Ease of operating business: With Odoo operating your business becomes much simpler and easier. It provides solutions for the firms and companies to function systematically.

Product direction: When it comes to product direction, Odoo is much more reliable than Oracle.

Business Size: Odoo is mostly used by small and mid-sized businesses. At the same time, Oracle is best suited for enterprise-level businesses.

Industry: Oracle is used for information technology services, supply chain, computer software and networking. In comparison, Odoo is used for internet, automotive, electronics, financial and other technology services.

From these analytics, you can figure out which ERP is best for your business. As per the requirement of your company choose the right one for you.