How Odoo Shaped Casio Middle East?

How Odoo Shaped Casio Middle East?
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About CASIO Middle East

Casio Computer Co. Ltd. is a Japanese electronics multinational company. This manufacturing corporation has its headquarters located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. They manufacture a wide range of electronics for all the basic and essential uses. Their excellent range of products includes mobiles, cameras, of course, both analogue and digital watches and many more. With is an extensive list of excellent products, it has earned its position in the market. Casio is popular for manufacturing durable and most reasonable electronic products.

But recently, their Dubai office was facing a few challenges, which became important for their team to address and look after. The issues were as follows:

  • All the data storage and reports of the sales and manufacture of the products were being calculated and saved on Excel sheets.
  • Even for the targeting and analysing data, the company was reliable on Excel sheet. the team did all these reports on Excel filtration functions.
  • Email marketing, which has become such an important digital advertisement tool, was not systematic. All the email marketing was initiated through the company’s main mailing system. Apart from that, there wasn’t any kind of mass email broadcasting tool. The team had no strategic tool to get detailed reports about the open or click rates.
  • Same was the same with SMS marketing. It did not have any tools which provided a detailed report about the open rates of the SMS.
  • For answering the emails, a Help Desk service was a manual and simple technique. This customer service centre system was becoming too time-consuming and cumbersome for the team.

Introducing Odoo to Boost the Casio 

Soon the team of Casio realised these issues and how it was affecting their total revenue and sales. To eliminate these problems, the team joined hands with Klystron Global DMCC. They helped them in implementing Odoo to completely resolve all the drawbacks that they were facing. The most vital implementations that were done to lift the Casio were as follow:

Implementation of CRM app to various operations:

  • Replacement of all the excel sheets and files that were saved by the different operating teams.
  • Elimination of any data loss
  • Organization of all the data of the company in the same format for better understanding.
  • The filtration process became simpler for niche campaign division
  • Map with POS system for better visualisation and tracking reports

Introduction of Email Marketing:

  • Replace company mailing system
  • Easy broadcasting tool with open/click rate reports
  • Schedule emails as well as allow for data upload and data filtration options

SMS marketing was initiated to:

  • It enables the team to make easy SMS broadcasting. Along with that, it also ensured reports about open rates and scheduling options.
  • Offering the convenience of opting out for the customers.

Help Desk leads to:

  • Enabled the team to answer all the emails directly from the Odoo help desk.
  • As per the language mapping, the team could set up an auto-reply in EN, AR & FR.
  • Established the link between Help Desk and CRM to track all members’ detail and enquiries.
  • Division of help desk tickets as per the ticket type for CRM and queries

Link Tracker was added to:

  • To track multiple links by email and the number of times it is being opened.

Implementing Odoo turned out to be a boon for Casio Middle East and its employees. The systematic data and reporting made the overall operation and marketing activities much easier. This led to a hike in its total revenue. The use of the Odoo mass mailing function has boosted direct communication, which means a 70% surge in activities on a monthly basis.