Odoo Shaping Tea Processing Companies

Odoo Shaping Tea Processing Companies
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For many people, a cup of tea is a must to start the day. Some cannot even function properly without consuming it in the morning. In current times it has become a vital ingredient in most households. And this is not the case for one country; tea has a large global market.

Despite being a high demand product, tea processing still follows the vintage system and faces many challenges. To eliminate all the issues and make the process faster and more effective, we at Bonza have come up with a unique solution. It will help to transform the modern overview into a complete tea processing solution. Let’s examine the case of the tea industry to understand things better.

The challenges that the Tea Industry faces are;

  • The whole tea processing operation is decentralized
  • There is a lack of traceability of the supply chain
  • The consistency much needed for processing management is missing
  • The manual record process wastes too much valuable time.

One can tackle all these challenges easily with our automated business process. In the digital age, it boosts the production and processing of tea with automat transformation.

Our solution process is depicted in the diagram.

After administering a detailed GAP analysis, we found that the Odoo apps can most effectively fulfil the automation requirements.

The beneficial purposes served by them are:

  • Facilitate various processes from purchasing to accounting.
  • Saving time also saves cost on manufacturing and other processes
  • Complete automated end-to-end supply chain

The key components of the basic solution modules are;

  1. Initiating strategy
  • Selective Employee Management
  • Business Mapping
  • Product Management Strategy

 3. Administration and Transportation

  • Agile Management
  • Maintenance of Vehicles
  • Route planning for fastest delivery
  • GRN Operation with cargo administration

2. Acquisition

  • Tea procurement based on Vendors
  • Market Management
  • Analysis of Quality and Quantity of the products

4.Inventory and Storage

  • Depository Management
  • Administration of product picking from warehouse
  • Maintenance of the depositories.

5. Complete Manufacturing and Processing

  • Manufacturing ordered product
  • BOM operation
  • Administration of manufacturing process
  • Strategizing the manufacturing
  • Human capital and operation planning
  • Regulating damage and other defects

6. Plant Governance with Downtime strategy

  • Plant and equipment management
  • Downtime regulation
  • Complete management of machines, plant and warranty.

7. Organizing

  • Supply scheduling
  • Sales planning
  • Human capital management
  • Manufacturing strategy

8. Human Capital Management

  • Manpower Administration
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Documenting and Approvals
  • Payroll initiating
  • Employee leave regulation
  • Planning on strategy and analytics

9. Sales operation

  • Sales supervision
  • Order Administration
  • Invoicing
  • CRM
  1. Accounting
  • Acquired cost processing
  • Cost approval, estimation and announcement
  • General 2 tire accounts
  • Cost and finance modules
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Reports

11. Analytic Quality

  • Quality parameters are checked at each step.
  • Maintaining consistency of products with barcode tracker
  • Analysis of products with batch code and order code

12. Customer care feedback

  • Customer Feedback acknowledgement
  • Customer traceability
  • Loyalty administration and Quality audit

Benefits of Odoo

  • The mobile applications ensure time and cost management by spending less on hardware procurement.
  • The Cloud guarantees the safety of all the data from any type of virus and destruction.
  • It uses less bandwidth and light applications.
  • Accessible without any licensing expense.
  • Fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software.

The two tire maker checker systems combine the complete automated system into one. Every step of this system leads the businesses and companies one step closer to success and customers’ satisfaction.

It ensures the fastest, effective and accurate delivery of products. Tracking and optimizing the complete manufacturing and transporting system become easier and beneficial. Tracking through barcode and QR methods leaves no room for human error or any other kind. The Odoo apps play a key role in the upliftment of tea processing and production with their valuable features.