Odoo vs SAP vs Dyn vs NetSuite

Odoo vs SAP vs Dyn vs NetSuite
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For business persons choosing the right digital solution becomes quite confusing when numerous excellent choices are present before you. From planning, manufacturing to going live, every process requires its software. Usually, most of the ERP software that is available covers most of the operational system. But few provide complete solutions in one place. Many require third-party add-ons for completing some specific tasks. Mainly, operations outside the manufacturing field, like maintenance and quality control, need such software.

  • The ERP implementation process is massive with high fees, so it becomes crucial to choose the right software.
  • Most ERP is offering their products on cloud-based versions or on-premises. With the cloud, all the data and premises remain safe and secure off-site too.
  • Third-party integration increases the overall cost and is proven to be quite complex. Above all, the performance of the system may be unstable.
  • When things are done automated, the chance of error or any mistakes get eliminated. Above all, it also saves time and labour costs.

The Four Fabulous Software

This blog will discuss and compare the four excellent software solutions to choose the right one.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

This software is best suited for mid to enterprise-level businesses. But it has proven to be beneficial for small businesses too. It is both cloud-based and on-premises software. The latest data shows that around 19,000 companies in over 30 countries use Dyn for smooth business operation.


NetSuite offers its customer preconfigured solutions to meet their requirement. It is a completed cloud-based software. Currently, NetSuite has around 30,000 loyal and satisfied customers. It has 312 apps ready for the use of its customers in 160 countries.


Odoo is an open-source ERP with various ready to use industrial and enterprise solutions. The latest version of Odoo adds quality, maintenance and expanded functionality. Odoo has more than 2 million users in 120+ countries.

SAP Business One

SAP is an enterprise software development built to suit modules for small, mid and big companies and businesses. SBO is preferred more for light manufacturing.  It has a large community of around 50,000 customers in around 190 countries.

Comparison Between the Software

Let’s compare the features of all four software one by one:

Inventory Management

  • Multi-warehouse management: SAP, Odoo and Dyn offer this feature except for NetSuite
  • Mobile Device Support: All the four software support mobile and can be operated on it.
  • Electronic Data Interchange: Except for SAP, this feature is missing in all the rest software.
  • Non-stocked inventory: Odoo and Dyn both manage the inventory for physical products. This feature is not offered by SAP and NetSuite.
  • 360° Traceability: Leaving SAP all the three software offers traceability from production to sale and further delivery.

Supply Chain

  • Inbound quality control: Only Odoo and Dyn offer their users full quality supervision.
  • Purchase request and orders: On choosing any of the four software, one can enjoy this feature.
  • Master Production Schedule: Odoo, Dyn and NetSuite have this element. For SAP, a third-party system is required.


  • BoM & Routing: All four software can create multiple BoM and routes for a single product.
  • Production Calendar: With the help of Odoo and NetSuite, the production calendar can be scheduled easily.
  • Automated time tracking: Only SAP does not offer automated tracking of the operation.
  • Repair and Disposal Strategy: Out of four software, with SAP and NetSuite, one cannot strategies the repair work and disposal.
  • Shop floor control: Odoo has all the features, whereas Dyn and NetSuite are some of them. But for SAP, other than production activity, all the features are absent.
  • Human Resources: Odoo is the best software with all the features for human resources, and SAP is not suitable.


  • Scheduling and Request handling: Odoo and Dyn are preferred. SAP and NetSuite do not offer this feature.


  • Quality control & check: For these operations to Odoo and Dyn are best suitable.

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Eco management: Odoo has most of the features; at the same hand, Dyn and NetSuite miss a few of them. SAP does not offer this operation.

There are many factors the decide whether the software is suitable for your business or not. You can compare all the four software and decide which one is right for you.