Odoo’s Latest Update to Boost Restaurant’s Customers

Odoo’s Latest Update to Boost Restaurant’s Customers
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When we choose a restaurant to dine in, what are the things that we look for? Of course, the tasty dishes are one thing but is it the only criterion? Absolutely not; a successful restaurant is the one that has the tastiest and inventive dishes with top-class services. From time to time, we have surveyed and found that excellent services are a key to making your restaurant thrive. Even if the food is most delicious but poor services, people do not like to visit that restaurant. And at the same with mediocre food and top-notch services, restaurants can make their position in the market.

As per our recent often-cited study, around 60% of restaurants couldn’t impress people due to lack of good amenities. And that’s not it; 80% of them failed and got completely shut down after five years of operating. In these cases, the reason was simple, lack of customers, which can be avoided if you serve your customers right.

The Point of Sale System (POS), the latest feature update of Odoo, is made just for this purpose. It helps the restaurant to provide its customers with smooth and outstanding dining service.

The Systematic Restaurant Mapping

Fulfilling the customers’ order and serving them the right one too becomes effortless with Odoo. It helps the restaurants to map their layout for better conception. You no more have to stress on your memory to remember the table numbers. The Odoo POS software provides a system to map the correspondent of your restaurant. The map is nothing complex but a basic plan that represents the arrangement of the tables. This makes it easier for waiters to take orders and deliver them to their right and respective tables without any error.

Draw the restaurant’s plan into Odoo POS. Draft the table number, seats, and their shape. Everything is easy to plan and fits perfectly on the screen with no compatibility error.

Incredible Ticket System

The Odoo POS two new incredible ticket features will make the operation simpler for your restaurant’s staff and diners.

  1. Going Dutch? Let us handle the splitting

People often visit restaurants with their friends and family and prefer to dutch the bill. For them splitting the bill becomes a little hectic. But Odoo POS provides a better solution. It helps the restaurant split the bill as per what each diner had and provide separate receipts. So, forget about the long calculations and division after dining, with Odoo restaurant taking care of all separate card payments, bills and receipts. Now your customers can enjoy the food and quality time without ay worry.

  1. Confused between a bar or a kitchen?

Odoo POS allows the customers to issue distinct tickets for the bar and the kitchen. This is proven to be beneficial for restaurants; it eliminates the confusion and hence ensures zero mistakes. As per the diners wish, they can have individual bills for food and drink.

Look at the following steps to know how to use this feature:

Step 1 – Receive the order from your customer; for that, click on all the requested food and drink.

Step 2 – Look at the individual item of the order to get a better idea of the bill.

Step 3 – Split the bill by highlighting the item as per each person’s order. You can also generate separate receipts for them.

Odoo POS is an outstanding tool to enhance a restaurant’s service. An excellent service eventually leads to a steady flow of customers and revenue. Now that you understand Odoo new feature, why not try it to boost your restaurant.