Consulting and Audit

Consulting and Audit

Bonza Pro Technologies as a full flagged digital transformation service provider provides the basic solutions on audit and compliance and provides various services on audit and Consulting domain.

Our Advantage:

Well accommodated with domain and experience,

Have a board of experts ready for suggestion and advice

1. Business Flow Audit

a. This process keep up and study of the business process by techno functional Domain experts

Process Understnding

  • Process Management
  • Value and Proposition


  • Understanding the impact
  • Gap Analysis
  • Filling the Gap


  • Optimization
  • Change Management
  • Creation of New Process
  • Define Rules

2. Digital Transformation Audit

Understaning and Pre requisities

  • Current Business Process
  • Functional Aspects and Output of Current System
  • Technical Analysis
  • Architecture and Security Parameter Analysis

GAP Analysis

  • Understanding the Gap in Process
  • Re Optimized Solution to Create Optimized Result
  • Impact and Automation
  • New Process Definition and Incorporation



  • Suggested Process Optimization
  • Technical Flaw and Gap Suggestion
  • Clarity on Process
  • Reports

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